Face the Media

It’s one of the most valuable parts of the Face the Media course. It’s all about preparing for an interview and we give a simple and highly effective way to do it. More than that – once you have prepared you’ll get the opportunity to test it. On camera. Under lights. With a professional interviewer. And you’ll win!

Live TV interviews are the highest risk of them all. And an unexpected live TV interview, where you are approached by a camera team in what we call an ‘ambush interview’ can be career-terminating. But is it more difficult than a radio or press interview? Actually no.. for one very good reason – you’ll have so many more communication tools to hand.

Yes you will. Press interviews, Radio interviews, Television interviews – all present unique challenges you’ll need to understand and master – and that is what the Face the Media course is about.

We’ll go through those – but knowing your rights is one thing – being able to enforce them in a hostile interview is altogether another! Fortunately most interviews do not fall into the category of hostile or aggressive – but you still need to know your rights. Here’s one to get you started – did you know you have the right to record the interview yourself – and how valuable is that when it happens. It levels the playing field enormously! No-one is going to misquote you – or quote you out of context if they know you can prove what you said!

You’re already ahead of the game by just asking that question. As a professional interviewer I can tell you it is so rare to find a prepared interviewee – mainly we talk to rabbits in the headlights. Here’s just one of many things you can do to prepare. Ask yourself ‘What’s the question I would most not want to answer?’ Don’t go in on a wing and a prayer in the hope that they won’t ask that question! Work on that answer! That’s a real confidence arrow you need in your quiver.

Why would you! Someone is giving you the opportunity to own the space and put your case! But perhaps in your company you aren’t authorised to answer questions. Well there are better ways than saying ‘no comment’. Because ‘No comment’ is a comment. It screams ‘I have something to hide!’

Yes you can. Have a look at the question “What rights do I have in a media interaction?”

Proper preparation goes a long way to building confidence. And proving to yourself beforehand that you are able to deliver effectively builds confidence. You’ll do all that in the practical section of the course, But we’ll also show you the biggest confidence builder of them all – how to know and win your audience.

You can try! But interviewers have their own agenda – you’re far better advised to know how to insert and apply your own agenda – after all – you also have rights – you’re entitled to your own agenda. You need to turn an interrogation into a conversation.

Here’s our system – how we work. At the start of the workshop you set your objectives and your expected outcomes. You work with us diligently through the course and we’ll deliver to the group’s specific and defined objectives. At the end we check with you that they have been delivered – that you have achieved your objectives. If you decide they haven’t, we’ll give you a full refund of your fee. We say that with confidence – we’ve never in twenty years been asked to ‘Pay back the money’.

If you have a case to answer we’ll show you how best to answer it. We’ll help you prepare to limit reputation damage – because that is what is at stake – your reputation – perhaps even your future in business. We can even show you how to win by determinedly correcting mistakes. But if you ask us to help conceal nefarious activities – you have the wrong people. We don’t work in white-wash or fake news.

We work to a very strict non-disclosure agreement. Our reputation and your company’s security are inextricably bound. It’s one of the essential reasons we’ve continued in business for so long. It’s also the reason we don’t advertise – our business usually comes from referral or word-of-mouth. People who’ve experienced our services and are happy to recommend them.

A morning session has a maximum of three delegates – a full day – a maximum of six. You’ll discover and see illustrated the essential learnings the course provides in a highly interactive (and dare I add, entertaining?) workshop session. That leaves fully half the time to practical work on camera. You’ll have the opportunity to test the skills you’ve learnt on camera and then review and learn from the first viewing. The second run on camera applying the lessons from the first will surprise even you! By the way, your two video performances go into our Video Vault to which only you have access. If you decide to share it with others that is your choice – but we never will.

It takes us the same amount of time to set up and train one person as it does to train three. Or four or five as it does six in a full day session. We’re frequently asked at very senior levels to work on-on-one and although we’re able to tailor specifically to their unique needs we simply can’t reduce the time you need to invest to be effective.

We’re delighted if you have one senior account manager present. We don’t charge for their attendance will give them ‘observer’ status. We’re also happy to have them assist with elements of your content which they may well have helped formulate. We can then focus on the effective delivery of that content.

The Advanced Course deals specifically with the aggressive or hostile Television interview. It leans heavily on the foundation the first course builds. We’ve learnt that no previous training or experience supplies that essential base. Without it we can’t offer our guarantee of delivery, and for that reason we won’t accept the risk of failure. It’d be like putting a nun in a Formula One!