Acumen Media

We are a set of professionals from across the globe have come together to supply decades of experience in the media industry to offer business services with Acumen. We supply world-class solutions to media inefficiencies across the globe.

From advertising auditing, editorial, social media & sponsorship intelligence. We work with the finest individuals for the projects we handle and literally resolve all your media inefficiencies and amplify your brand.

  • Media Listening
  • Africa-centric solutions
  • Consulting services that assist with all elements of the media industry

Founded by Tonya Khoury and Ahmad Masoud, Acumen media comes with decades of media experience and a network of suppliers that is established over 15 years. Khoury has over two decades of media experience and has spearheaded Media Monitoring across South Africa for many years.

This is a product built to understand and measure your entire organisation’s media exposure against your brand reputation and Key Performance Indicators.

Acumen utilises the finest Intelligence Software known to market. The system identifies influencers, tracks and interprets coverage and the use of that coverage by the sentiment and volume of traffic / conversation it generated.

No, media monitoring is the tracking and collation of data, this is just the base of our technology. Once we have this we add to it any data that can be pulled from any business mechanism to compare and visualise the effectiveness.

It doesn’t stop there, this tool is a Strategy Tool, and can literally assess your strategy’s performance and show to enhance your efforts.

The system currently measures 175 countries in over 150 languages and ingests media at a rate of 1000 items per millisecond. Once this data is in the system if uses AI and Neural Learning to generate 98% accuracy across the English language.

It covers data from any source allowing end users to cross reference sales, media, conversation, spend etc against their brand presence. The system tracks virality and can assist in crisis communications by identifying influencers to protect a brand. It also provides image recognition, true geo-location, business KPIs

The days of simply getting a notification of where you appeared in the press is fundamental to any organisation, however, if you have media monitoring – so what? What can you do with it?

Heaps of data doesn’t mean anything unless you interpret and understand the impact of that data, Acumen allows you to put all your brand information in one place and see how you are performing against your strategy, but also how you are performing against your market peers or competitors.

There are various sales packages, we will customise the package to suit your budget.

We are the first and the only company to truly collect and collate media monitoring intelligence from across the continent and this includes print and broadcast in the continent.

We operate in 13 countries, including the East, West, Central and Southern regions of the continent

Outside of SA’s borders things work differently, Acumen manages the Sub Saharan Continent with LOCAL experts

50000 Media Outlets

120,000 Journalists

54 African Countries

The only media service for wide distribution across the continent, it allows you to pique your intended audiences’ interest at a large scale and get valuable publicity in diverse and complex markets. it expands your capabilities further to reach media outlets, journalists, key influencers and stakeholders.

True audience measurement in 8 countries

Have you ever wondered if the enormous amount of money you are spending on Radio advertising is actually working? What if we told you that there is a sure chance that some if not all of your radio advertising is not being executed accurately. AdKontrol offers a verification service that is 100% accurate and fast. This allows the assurance that what you paid for is being aired, if not, we offer irrefutable proof of failure. This service can accompany your auditing of spend and ensure that your advertising strategy is executed, with Acumen

Wave pattern technology identifies adverts and matches them against your buying schedule

The highest failure rate we have seen is 100%, so if you have money to waste that’s fine

We offer irrefutable proof of failure, so yes absolutely!

What is expensive is paying for an advertising campaign that doesn’t get aired. Can you afford to be without it?